About the Dynamic Professional Women's Network



About DPWN

Since its conception in 2007, the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc. (DPWN) has positioned itself to be a very functional platform for women to develop the valuable connections necessary to grow in their professional as well as personal lives.  Inspired by the need to connect and partner with other professional women, but unable to commit to other early morning groups, DPWN was created to better meet the needs of working women and offer meeting times that also fit into a working mothers schedule.

The objectives of DPWN are simple, yet powerful. We focus on building great relationships, learning new business practices, sharing other networking opportunities, exchanging marketing ideas, and of course generating business for each other through referrals. The foundation of our network, and what sets us apart from other women’s groups, are our “Dynamic” members who are dedicated to actively supporting each other in their respective chapters. Our chapter meetings are intended to be structured enough to be extremely productive, yet still allow for time to chat with your friends and acquaintances during our open networking time. What began as one chapter in a Chicago land suburb has expanded to support hundreds of members representing multiple businesses in many communities and states.


In addition to our non-compete networking chapters, we also host monthly open networking events designed to inspire, educate and motivate our women, we facilitate additional educational opportunities, we offer a success coaching to our members, we partner with our affiliates to offer additional benefits and opportunities for our members, our website was designed to allow our members the opportunity to connect and market their business virtually with other professionals and we are commencing our non-for profit organization DPWN Angels which will leverage the internal and external connections of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network to serve  the needs of women with a “Hand Up” in the areas of Body, Mind and Soul.

“We all prefer to do business with someone we know, like and trust. So if developing relationships with professional women who understand the power of a strong referral network would help you, join us in helping us grow our network together.” ~ Christie L. Ruffino DPWN Founder and President




Our Success Goals 

  • To attract professional & dynamic business women who desire to increase their business through networking opportunities in a female orientated environment.
  • To provide our members with a professional, productive and positive forum to help each others businesses grow with valuable referrals and assist each other by providing counsel in our particular areas of expertise.
  • To provide education, inspiration and support to our members so they can be successful in their professional and personal development.
  • To provide a valuable website resource that will cultivate a community of viral networkers who will offer additional support and strength to our network.
  • To harvest professional alliances with other organizations that can provide additional benefits to our members.