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What the authors are saying about DPWN Publishing and the Overcoming Mediocrity Project.
Gina Sannasardo

My goals for participating in the Overcoming Mediocrity project were to expand my potential and my reach by meeting others like me. I was looking for a network of women who’ve been in my shoes at some point in their life and are willing to embrace, teach, guide and support me on my journey. My biggest goal is to be able to offer that same light back to them in return.

I was surprised and pleased to hear that we made it into more categories than expected with our Amazon Best-selling campaign which has been a great tool in selling myself.

Monique Hicks

Since the publication of this book, I’ve received numerous notes from readers who were inspired by my story and thanked me for sharing. I also gained the confidence to contribute to another book with Jay. We wrote about our experiences as real estate investors. I am sure I would not have had the confidence to do that book if it had not been for the guidance and support from Christie and her team.

Although I enjoy selling my books and giving them to close family members, I also found that I could trade them for books written by other author friends! Overall, I gained a new level of credibility as a business woman from my peers and I keep uncovering additional ways that this book project has added value to my life!

Nancy Abramovitz

Lisa Oddo

I joined the Overcoming Mediocrity team because I felt that if I could favorably impact one person’s life by sharing my story, my job would be done. I was not sure what to expect, but I have to say that it was an overwhelmingly positive experience.  Shortly after the book’s release, I received multiple texts and emails thanking me for telling my story.  One person in particular told me that she felt alone, depressed and worthless during a recent bout of depression and my story made her realize that she was not alone.

I truly love being able to say I am an Amazon Best Selling Author because it has opened many doors for me. I’m excited to continue on my journey having just completed health coach training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  This book gave me the confidence to pursue a life-long passion and I will be forever grateful.

Andrea M. Trovato

Since the publication of my story “Informed Choices”, November 2016, my life has propelled to new heights. The story gave the world immediate access to my “why” which opened many doors for me.  My goal has always been to provide the world access to a higher standard of healthcare, Chiropractic Care.  By the 1st quarter of 2017, in one week, I was simultaneously made an offer from an investor for my new business venture, Chiropractic Led Onsite Care, and for a Business Development role, by Medulla LLC, the healthcare management solutions for the world’s leading chiropractic provider group, Chiro One Wellness Centers.

Jodi L. Suson

Gina Sannasardo

I have been so blessed and humbled to be a part of this project with remarkable and inspiring women. Being able to work with Jesica and Christie Ruffino has been amazing and they have been very supportive. This opportunity has afforded me the confidence I needed to move forward with my dream and goal. I know this is a life-long partnership and look forward to learn more as I go. Thanks so much DPWN!!

Gina Sannasardo

My motto is, if you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong.  Christie and the DPWN Team made the publishing process so seamless and, dare I say fun, because they have created a system that is working.  All I had to do was to follow the bouncing smiley face (not literally of course).

When I learned about this project, I was already full into the writing, publishing, and marketing process of my other book, Getting Yourself Unstuck; however, I couldn’t put everything in that book.  Therefore, Overcoming Mediocrity allowed me to publish a very personal story that didn’t seem to fit in my other book.  Now going forward in my marketing, the two books will work in tandem.

Angie Engstrom

Lisa Oddo

I believe we all have a story to tell from our lives that will impact, help, and motivate others. Women with different skills, backgrounds and stories, but with the common core of faith, strength, love, and motivation for better results in life and business. Christie and her team guided us along with what was necessary to bring the book alive. I am an educator who wants to share my experiences and expertise on editing, writing, and tutoring. I want this project to be a springboard for other writing projects in the future.

Lisa Oddo

Before working with Christie I thought becoming an author was completely out of my reach. She and her team made the process so easy! I believe everyone has at least one book inside of them and participating in this project has set me on the path to getting mine out in the world. I highly recommend DPWN Publishing!

Courtney Powell

Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz

I have enjoyed being a part of this project tremendously as it has allowed me to create a community of amazing women overcoming difficult challenges.  For me, this was the best way to become a three-time author to continue to expand my personal brand and awareness. Sharing the media spotlight with fellow women about this incredible book has been both exciting and rewarding.

Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz

authors name

Being an author has created a platform for me to reach out to other women and empower them to go after their dreams. Personally being a gluten-free cookbook author has added credibility to my business and new customers allowing me to help more moms prepare healthy and delicious food for their children with food allergies. I love being able to teach moms that living a gluten free lifestyle can be simplistic and eating can be fun!

Tiffany Hinton

Authors Name

Working with you guys on this book has been one of the most efficient positioning/marketing projects ever. To have a finished product so elegantly & professionally done in such a short time frame is phenomenal. Thank you for making all of us look good and helping us get out there and be seen.

Deborah Battersby

Phyllis Benstein

Being part of DPWN’s first Book collaborative has taught and inspired me. The process was well planed, executed and easy and fun to participate in. I’m now a proud #1 Amazon Best seller published author ready to share my message and make a difference to others. I have the skills and experience to finish my next book.

Phyllis Benstein

Authors Name

As the assigned headshot photographer of Overcoming Mediocrity I was honored to not only photograph these strong independent women, but to get to know them on a personal level. All of them have had extra ordinary circumstances in their lives, and to know that they flourish and grow is amazing! What a wonderful group of interesting women that have come together to share their personal stories- ones full of wonderment and encouragement. Overcoming Mediocrity will quickly rise to the top of the best sellers list- NO DOUBT! Here’s to all of you!

Audrey Lowe-DeFrancesco

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Participating in the “Overcoming Mediocrity” project has been a lot of fun, as well as a learning process for me. As a business and life coach, I have found great satisfaction in making a difference one person at a time. Going through this project has given me an opportunity to learn from experienced authors, share experiences, and expand my reach beyond the scope of my coaching practice. This has inspired me to take writing further and I am working on a couple of new books – one about coaching and one about the power of interpersonal perception. The process of becoming a published author is great fun and has proven to be wonderfully rewarding, both personally and professionally.

Doreen Petty

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My friends have been purchasing my book, not only for themselves, but for their friends. They see educational value, reading it. People come to my Arbonne parties, just so that they can meet me and ultimately end up buying products, to help me. As Christie said ” writing your book is like a business card.”

Simin Frazer

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Working with Christie and DPWN on Overcoming Mediocrity was such an easy way to become a published author again. I strongly urge other women to quickly get on the bandwagon for the second edition! An extra bonus is the great PR the book is getting and how your personal positioning and branding simultaneously help Christie and DPWN positioning and branding. I’m all about win-win situations, and this truly is a great one!

Lillian D. Bjorseth

Authors Name

Being a part of this project has been such an amazing experience. For our first book signing an old friend (that I hadn’t seen in years!) showed up and was so motivated by the authors and their stories that she bought the book and read my story and two others that night, then the next day she called to set up a meeting with me. Our stories gave her the power she told me to get back into life and start her business again! This is only one of many people that have told me they were inspired to move forward in life and business because of these stories.

Marina Collazo

authors name

It was exciting to be a part of Dynamic Professional Women’s second book project,
Overcoming Mediocrity: Courageous Women.

I enjoyed writing about my love for riding motorcycles and how it helped me to develop a new career. This career carried me down many roads. With each mile I overcame obstacles and learned new techniques. From its humble beginnings it grew to be worldwide.

Each chapter in this book was written by a different woman, the pages are filled with the ups and downs of female entrepreneurs building businesses from scratch.

Jo Giovannoni

authors name

“Being involved in the Overcoming Mediocrity project was an amazing experience. I was looking for an avenue to share my story and as an upside gain credibility for my wellness and public speaking business. Being able to say you are a best selling author opens many doors and exposes you to a much wider and diverse audience. The DPWN staff is amazing and they take care of every detail to ensure an amazing end product. I highly recommend being apart of this great anthology series and take my word for it, the front cover investment is well worth it.”

Michele Malo

authors name

It has been very exciting to be an author in the second edition of Overcoming Mediocrity. The stories of all the women are all so inspiring.

I received greetings from many people who are interested in the book; some of whom I never expected to hear from. People who have known me for years mentioned that they learned more about me than they knew before reading the book. We all are on this journey of life and others are not always aware of what got us to where we are today.

I hope this will launch a new career for me as an author of my own book!

Anna Weselak

Authors Name

Being a contributing author for “Overcoming Mediocrity” was a very positive experience for me. It has motivated me to continue writing and complete a book I started many years ago. The energy of the group was the fuel I needed to move me forward. I am honored to be among the other co-authors, who shared their inspirational stories. Women are amazing, that’s for sure! We are strong; bright; resilient; courageous; creative; compassionate; loving and giving creatures of God!

Linda Lucatorto

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It has given me a tool to promote my business. As well as, sharing personal growth and instructions of how to create true happiness with passion. Becoming a published author has also given me the encouragement and clarity to continue writing about my passion, which is Energy Healing.

Marlene Baczek